Bonk Bat for VRChat avatars


This is a bonk bat unity package I've made to be put on 3.0 avatars for VRChat.

Notable features:

On-contact bonk audio and particle effects.
3 different material swaps for the bat.
Toggle-able "No Horny!" decals.
Toggle-able particle effects.
Built-in party popper!

This unity package contains an easy to setup prefab, an animator controller, animations, and guidance on how to install it onto your avatar. Located inside the unity package is a text document called 'Read Me' that contains how-to-use instructions. An installation video is also posted on this page.


Parameter memory cost: 9

Skinned mesh renderers: 3

Mesh poly count: 1,296

Material slots: 10

Particle systems: 6

Total combined max particle count: 353

Audio sources: 8

Expected SDK performance rating: Medium


FX controller that does not use mixed Write Defaults. Either all on, or all off. I do not provide support for mixing Write Defaults.

Poiyomi Toon Shader (version 8.0/1).


-Links for PoiyomiToonShader and VRCFury can be found in the description of the Youtube tutorial-

*If you are upgrading from an older version of this asset, prior to importing a newer version you must remove all older files from your unity project as well as all controller layers, parameters, and objects associated with the asset from your avatar.


This package is not setup for Quest avatars.

On-contact sounds and effects will only play if both you and the recipient of bonks has VRChat interaction settings turned on.


Discord Support: Check 'Read Me' document for invite link.




Updated asset to utilize VRCFury for installation.


* Created a separate merge-able controller for Write Defaults workflow avatars.

* Increased the radius size of contacts on bat to help decrease the chances of the bat not animating sounds and particles for remote players.


By purchasing and downloading this asset, you have accepted and agreed upon the terms of use and licensing:

-All purchases are FINAL. (No refunds)

-For personal use ONLY.

-Not to be taken and sold on it's own.

-Not to be used commercially, or for financial gain.

-Not to be used to promote a business or platform of financial exchange for goods (physical and non-physical) and services.

-Assets are not to be distributed or shared with those who have not purchased them under any circumstance.

For commercial usages or questions about these terms, please contact me.

I want this!

Includes a unity package with prefabs and documents with instructions of use and installation.

13 MB

Bonk Bat for VRChat avatars

I want this!